Have you been a patient at Good Samaritan? If so, please share your story.
How has Good Samaritan had a positive impact on your life?
How might your life be different now had you not been seen at Good Samaritan?

Edith D.'s Story
50x50 "I donít know where Iíd be right now without the care Iíve received from Good Samaritan. Between premiums and deductibles, I would not have been able to afford my insulin and diabetic medications, blood work, or even be seen. I donít know what could have happened to me. It was a life saver and a blessing."

Rebecca K.ís Story
50x50 "My husband had been sick for 8 weeks before he finally went to ER. He had fluid on his heart and his heart rate was over 300. He was dying. My husband is a diabetic, has high BP, high cholesterol, and is on heart medicine. While we were at the hospital, we found out about GSC. We both filled out the paperwork to be a patient. I wasnít sick but went ahead and applied just in case. Iím glad I did. Last month, I got sick and was able to be seen in the Clinic right away. My husband is doing much better. He now comes regularly to Good Samaritan for visits and takes his medicine like heís supposed to. We are thankful for Good Samaritan because without them, we would not be able to afford the medicines. Good Samaritan is a life saver, and I would recommend to anyone who does not have insurance."

Brenda W.ís Story
50x50 "Good Samaritan helps me stay healthy. Iíve been a patient at GSC since 2010 so when I had a problem with my leg in October 2014 I was able to be seen in the Clinic before it got too bad. I was diagnosed with sarcoma (cancer in muscle) in my right thigh. Good Samaritan was able to refer me to a specialist and now I get my treatment in Birmingham through UAB Charity Care, and I have my lab work done here at the Clinic. Without Good Samaritan, I wouldnít be as healthy as I am."

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