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The Good Samaritan Health Clinic relies on support from local people like you to continue meeting the demand for healthcare services in Cullman County. We are fortunate to receive donated products and services from our partners in our community.  However, there are many opportunities for individuals to get involved and make a lifechanging difference in someone’s life. Help us continue to advance our mission and help your neighbors in need by making a gift to the Good Samaritan Health Clinic today!  Here are some ways to contribute:

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Patient testimonials

I’m the kind of person that has never been one to accept something for basically nothing. And, so I postponed and postponed until it got to the point where I had to do something. They put me in contact with someone to help me get some eye glasses and an organization in Birmingham, so I could get my feet straightened out, so I can walk good. I’m able to motivate more; my grandson and I spend valuable time fishing together. It’s been tough, but they have helped me in more ways than one.


Without being able to come here, my health wouldn’t be good enough to work. My health is better since I’ve been coming here, and I ‘live normal’. It’s been a life saver.


I was afraid of the doctor to be honest…I was scared because I knew it was bad. And, I was scared to come (to the clinic) because I felt like they couldn’t help me. I just didn’t see myself as being important enough that somebody would help me. I was also afraid that I would be judged a great deal because I had let it get so bad. And, I didn’t know what to do. I had a 20-pound tumor inside of me. I prayed about it a lot. I asked God to please help me because I didn’t know what to do; God sent me some help


Good Samaritan helps me stay healthy. I’ve been a patient at GSC since 2010 so when I had a problem with my leg in October 2014 I was able to be seen in the Clinic before it got too bad. I was diagnosed with sarcoma (cancer in muscle) in my right thigh. Good Samaritan was able to refer me to a specialist and now I get my treatment in Birmingham through UAB Charity Care, and I have my lab work done here at the Clinic. Without Good Samaritan, I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am.


My husband had been sick for 8 weeks before he finally went to ER. He had fluid on his heart and his heart rate was over 300. He was dying. My husband is a diabetic, has high BP, high cholesterol, and is on heart medicine. While we were at the hospital, we found out about GSC. We both filled out the paperwork to be a patient. I wasn’t sick but went ahead and applied just in case. I’m glad I did. Last month, I got sick and was able to be seen in the Clinic right away. My husband is doing much better. He now comes regularly to Good Samaritan for visits and takes his medicine like he’s supposed to. We are thankful for Good Samaritan because without them, we would not be able to afford the medicines. Good Samaritan is a life saver, and I would recommend to anyone who does not have insurance.


I don’t know where I’d be right now without the care I’ve received from Good Samaritan. Between premiums and deductibles, I would not have been able to afford my insulin and diabetic medications, blood work, or even be seen. I don’t know what could have happened to me. It was a life saver and a blessing.


Why is there a Need for the Clinic?

We routinely hear testimonials from our patients that without Good Samaritan, they would have no place to turn for their ongoing healthcare needs.

This claim is substantiated by preliminary findings of a recent survey of our patients.  An overwhelming majority (71%) of patients surveyed responded they “would have not gotten treatment” if they had not had Good Samaritan Clinic to come to for their medical needs, while 14% said they “would have waited until I got very sick before getting treatment,” 9% said they “would have gone to the hospital’s emergency room,” and 6% “would have medicated themselves.”  

And, an overwhelming 100% indicated they would recommend Good Samaritan Clinic to family and friends who do not have health insurance.

How Does the Cullman Community Benefit?

While many of our patients are from a working household, they are unable to afford insurance and the high cost of healthcare.  In addition, many have chronic medical conditions that require daily medications and frequent office visits.  Without the clinic, these patients would not have a continuum of quality healthcare or prescriptions and would be forced to use the emergency room for their care, which is not sustainable for either the hospital or the community. 

It is much less costly to provide care in an office visit setting than in a hospital emergency room.  According to BCBS, the national average ER visit costs $383 while the national average office visit costs $60. 

Many times when an uninsured patient goes to the ER, the hospital ends up writing off their cost of treatment as charity care.  So, when the uninsured has the option to come to Good Samaritan Clinic, the hospital is able to provide more efficient and faster care for true emergencies. 

With access to quality care through Good Samaritan, the uninsured receive timely medical care before their condition worsens and are able to manage their conditions leading productive, satisfying lives.  Their loved ones can also rest assured that they are receiving the best possible care available.  In fact, Good Samaritan Health Clinic’s patientcare data is better than both the national and community averages.

The Clinic’s Collaborative Efforts in the Community

In an effort to provide efficient quality care to Cullman County’s uninsured, Good Samaritan fosters collaborations with many in our community. Some of these include Cullman Regional, community head start programs, temporary employment agencies, other non-profit organizations, area churches, and numerous medical professionals in the community. 

Good Samaritan Clinic strives to be good stewards of the resources provided by the community and therefore does not duplicate services already provided at no cost elsewhere in the community.

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